Friday, July 3, 2015

Open Letter to Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami

If you are a dog, admit it and fetch a bone. Don’t pretend to be a tiger. You stand exposed. Today nation wants to know when would you admit, you sensationalize for ratings, for hunger of money. Nation wants to know when would you admit that you advertise yourself a crusader just to earn money. Nation wants to know if this low self-esteem that makes you do it or there is something wrong biologically?

Admit that you pick and choose news that suits your English speaking target audience so that you get TRP’s and money. You have no interest of nation at heart.
Admit it that if you feel there won’t be TRP’s you drop the news, no matter how important it is to the nation.

Admit it you are worst kind of hypocrite that can be as you cherry pick new under guise of media freedom. 

Admit it you are just a self boasting thug and not a crusader as you project yourself. “We have broken all scams. We have broken all scams. We have highest TRP’s. We have highest TRP’s”. Why so much boasting?

Few examples Why I say so?

1. Where is round the clock coverage of 100 people dying by poisonous alcohol? Why not relentless reporting on it? Because you feel your English speaking target audience won’t care much of 100 poor people dying. Lalit Modi episode will give you more eyeballs. Isn’t that it?

2. Why no relentless reporting on VVIP racism when it comes to media. That media people are today’s worst VVIP’s is no secret. Be it toll plaza, be it quid pro quo.

3. Why no relentless reporting against Times of India when it abused Deepika Paukone. Why no “Nation wants to know and Times of India Shame” when TOI puts cheap headlines shaming women on its website? 

4. Why no relentless reporting against Rajiv Shukla on IPL corruption issue? Coz he was a journalist, is that so?

5. Why only targeting the Govt? Why not people in opposition even on important issues? Since targeting Govt gives you ready audience of anti-incumbent people. The TRP’s. Huh! Is this true reporting. What else explains your silence on Pawar, Chibamram, Tharoor on IPL scandal? Though I agree BJP has lost it.

Mr. MoneyHungry Goswami, do things not for money and I will call you a crusader. Else admit you do things for eyeballs and TRP’s and don’t care about objective and balanced reporting. You have turned Investigative Journalism into Sensationalism Journalism. By blatant biasness due to lust for TRP’s, you have opened media to brickbats and have put independence of media into jeopardy, you foolish, TRP hungry, money lusting of a man!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

How whatsapp has fueled extra-marital affairs in India

Shh! Whatsapp Time
At the onset I am not saying that before whatsapp there were no extra marital affairs, No. The concept of infidelity is as old as the custom of marriage. As to How and Why the concept of one man one woman was conceptualized is a topic of discussion for some other time.

So what is the fuss about whatsapp. What I have observed is it has given an easy platform to the basic instincts. Pre-historic human brain, when there was concept of one man-one woman, was trained for a gregarious society. Where anyone slept with anyone, depending on the day and mood. Purists don’t feel offended, it still happens in animals. 

According to medical science our subconscious reflexes/decision making come from the same pre-historic brain. So our modern subconscious cravings are borne out of thousands of year old practices and customs. Multiple partners come in that very category. That humans developed un-natural concept of marriage that too monogamous (for most), has no bearing on the subconscious cravings. 

Social shame and lack of secret opportunities are hindrances that we face. These days even for infidelity, we desire partners whom we have become friendlier with, whom we know well enough to trust. Fear is that this relation should never come out in open. For getting friendlier people man and woman needed to talk, share feelings. It was not possible openly. Maybe in few metro cities of India. But totally restricted in small cities and towns. 

Initially people tried via Yahoo Messenger, then with Facebook. But the issue was, people needed to add in the friend list, needed a PC/Laptop etc, with chances of getting caught for non-tech savvies. Chat history etc. I have in fact interaction with few people who were caught by their wife/husband flirting on facebook.

Whatsapp made it all easier. Opportunity on the go, like never before. Ease of adding deleting in the list. Ease of blocking/unblocking the contact. Ease of deleting chat history. And now the whatsapp call, with no call record with telecom companies. One could go to washroom, chat for 5 mins and come back, without the spouse ever knowing. It has fueled flirtations in small towns like exponentially. And is spreading like an epidemic.

It has not taught infidelity, but has made it easy. Even those who were scared not to do are doing it now. Most vulnerable are bored housewives. They have become easy target men who give them an ear, Gain confidence and finally sleep with them. 

I don’t know what the solution is. I am just like a bloody Marxist, pointing the problem. I am not even sure, if people what the solution to this pandemic problem at all. Happy Whatsapping!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Curious case of Silence of Narendra Modi

Another “Mann ki Baat” went by this Sunday. Our communicative (respectable word for talkative) PM Modiji, maintained his silence on Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Pankaja Munde corruption issues. That he came to power riding on anti-incumbency against UPA, fuelled by earth shattering corruption, has made it difficult for Modi to respond. 

People are confused as to the reason he is taking no action against the culprits. A whole generation who is used to the corrupt UPA Govts, is confused more so. We have witnessed Sonia Gandhi dismissing people who were found involved in Corruption. Kalmadi, Raja, Chavan, Bansal among others. I acknowledge that it was just a hogwash as these people never were sentenced and no were not made to pay back the corrupt money.

Why is Modi not sacking his people? There are a few reasons involved. 

Strategy of Amit Shah and Team: Resignations by UPA Ministers was felt by public as the admission of guilt. At least that’s What Shah and Team felt. Hence they have ruled out any resignations. Let is play our in whatever way, don’t acknowledge it. 

Second is the cushion of 270: UPA was heavily reliant on allies. They used to come under attack by their own allies on corruption issues. To buy peace with the allies, easy way out for Sonia Gandhi was to dismiss the minister or make him/her resign. NDA has no such compulsions. Allies can’t pressure them.

Modi is no Sonia: The power that Sonia wielded, Modi can’t match that ever. Every word of Sonia was gospel, every order a commandment. She could dismiss people without rebellion. Such was the might of Gandhi surname. The loyalty to Gandhi family was deeply imbibed in the DNA of subdued members. Modi can’t do the same. He will face rebellion within the party and from RSS ranks alike. He has to live with a lot of such people, unlike Gandhi.

Shield the Gandhis: With Congress the things was, Gandhi’s needed to be shielded at all cost. That the money ultimately reached to the top was not acknowledged. Any taint was nipped in the bud, before it could reach Gandhis. Before anyone could question them, they seemed to take a step. BJP has no such compulsion. A lot of his party members have no issue with dirt reaching Modi’s step. They are happy to let him fend for himself.

So expect no action unless it is backed by RSS. BJP rank and file has more fear of RSS than Modi. RSS doesn't like muck to reach them just like Gandis. RSS disavows people just like Gandhis. But Modi has to live with compulsions just like Manmohan.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bloody Indians changing DP’s for US Supreme Court Order. Will they do the same if Zimbabwe Court passes similar order?

Now how brain dead this can get. My brethren of stupid Indians changed their DP’s to Celebrate Pride. Just because Facebook is an American company and decided to share a link, it doesn’t mean you have click on it and share it. 

US Supreme court passed a judgement making Gay marriage legal across their country. And Indians shared colorful pics. Height of lameness and shamelessness. Would you do the same if Zimbabwe Court passes such order? Let me answer on behalf of you fools. No. You just did it coz link was accessible and feeling American even for  5secs quenches your ego and makes you feel great.

Stop this nonsense. If you can’t do something better, then please don’t click on each and every link. Facebook is a US firm, it will celebrate their country. You can at least Stop being lame.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bloody Hypocrites: Why just Jail for Urinating in Public, Hang Them, Burn Them, Crucify Them

More than hundred hardcore criminals have been sent to jail in Agra by Railway Police. Their deadly crime, peeing in open on railway property. Why just stop by jailing them, hang them instead. That's the problem with our system, we believe in cosmetic patch-ups.

I know a lot of Delhi media would be happy that these people have been jailed. They will show video of people urinating on streets. It's a different matter altogether that media themselves are culpable as they are violating someone's privacy and decency. In that too, media is smart, they just show men peeing and stay clear of women as the cameramen know he will be beaten black and blue.

Now to the basic question. Have you not felt that sudden pain in stomach, urge to pee. You are on the street and no utilities around to relieve yourself. What would you have done but to pee against some wall. People urinate for the lack of public toilets. And what pathetic condition the public toilets are kept, whatever are there. One would die of stink.

But highly paid media people, who live in a different world altogether with all the amenities and quid-pro-quo in the world, what would they know. What would the railway official sitting in his AC office would know that people pee on streets in pain, severe pain to relieve themselves. 

Agra is my hometown and I know very well how many (or lack of) public toilets are there. None that I have seen. Leave aside Agra, I live in Powai, Mumbai. I haven't seen none there too. Who is to be jailed now. I say, everytime someone urinates on the street, jail the MLA, MP of that area. Jail the DM, jail the Municipal Commissioner. Jail whoever is responsible for lack of public toilets. Not just the poor fellow who was forced to lose his/her decency in public due to sordid state of affairs.

Let there be a Right to Toilet law which makes a public toilet every 500 mts. And jail the authorities concerned if toilet is not there or not functioning. Stop this crude quick fix, which just gathers headlines in presstitue media and does nothing else.

Friday, June 26, 2015

How can Congress make a comeback?

With BJP’s credibility an all-time low owing to Lalit Modi and party’s inaction on its tainted leaders, time is ripe for Congress to stage a comeback. The erosion of political capital during Corruption years of UPA-2 was much more than even Congress critics would have thought off. Corruption, couples with arrogance of “Come what may”, did them in. 

There was no one among the top brass whose heart bled for the party. Everyone was busy with their own agenda. With Gandhi son-in-law himself symbolizing nepotism, others just follow suit. Gandhi’s have lost their place in India’s heart, at least for now. No other next generation leader who has done the hard work seems to be around. Whoever is available are sons/daughters of same scam tainted generation of leaders.

Is there any respite for Congress?

Yes there is. It is the admission and apology. Sonia and Rahul and entire Congress brass must admit that there was corruption during their tenure, that too a rampant one. That they have yet not admitted, gives them no sympathies. 

Sonia and Rahul have to distance themselves from Robert and Priyanka Vadra. This would be a painful and difficult decision. But this will distance them from the taint. Currently they look complicit. 

Mother son duo has to avoid foreign travel. If at all they are travelling, it has to be kept transparent. Just when it seemed Sonia/Rahul were back rallying the opposition around then, they have fled the country again clandestinely. It only will erode reputations further.

Congress needs to bring first generation leaders to the fore. They can be from college politics, farmer politics. Not from AC rooms and lineage. But what am I talking about. It’s a utopian dream. Congress won’t admit, won’t apologize. BJP will hit at Vadra, Congress would get people like Dushyant/Vasundhara to hit on. Who would have thought Modi would become Maun-Modi! All is one.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Entrepreneurs Rejoice: Easy Norms for Crowd funding

In a bid to back startups, Sebi is all set to make norms for crowd funding easier. A new trading platform for internet startups is on the anvil.
This will help companies to easily gather funds via online platforms from wide spectrum of people. It will become a reality to source funds using online media.
As per the draft proposal introduced last year, annual limit will be 10 crores via this media that too under some regulations. Retail investors can go upto as high as 10% of its total networth.
Few restrictions are also in place to prevent misuse. Real state entities are not allowed under this. Any entity with backing of more than 25crores per year can also not source account via this route.
This is welcome scheme from Sebi. It would not only aid in make in India, but also help creating jobs which was a election promise of the present Government. Rejoice!