Thursday, July 2, 2015

How whatsapp has fueled extra-marital affairs in India

Shh! Whatsapp Time
At the onset I am not saying that before whatsapp there were no extra marital affairs, No. The concept of infidelity is as old as the custom of marriage. As to How and Why the concept of one man one woman was conceptualized is a topic of discussion for some other time.

So what is the fuss about whatsapp. What I have observed is it has given an easy platform to the basic instincts. Pre-historic human brain, when there was concept of one man-one woman, was trained for a gregarious society. Where anyone slept with anyone, depending on the day and mood. Purists don’t feel offended, it still happens in animals. 

According to medical science our subconscious reflexes/decision making come from the same pre-historic brain. So our modern subconscious cravings are borne out of thousands of year old practices and customs. Multiple partners come in that very category. That humans developed un-natural concept of marriage that too monogamous (for most), has no bearing on the subconscious cravings. 

Social shame and lack of secret opportunities are hindrances that we face. These days even for infidelity, we desire partners whom we have become friendlier with, whom we know well enough to trust. Fear is that this relation should never come out in open. For getting friendlier people man and woman needed to talk, share feelings. It was not possible openly. Maybe in few metro cities of India. But totally restricted in small cities and towns. 

Initially people tried via Yahoo Messenger, then with Facebook. But the issue was, people needed to add in the friend list, needed a PC/Laptop etc, with chances of getting caught for non-tech savvies. Chat history etc. I have in fact interaction with few people who were caught by their wife/husband flirting on facebook.

Whatsapp made it all easier. Opportunity on the go, like never before. Ease of adding deleting in the list. Ease of blocking/unblocking the contact. Ease of deleting chat history. And now the whatsapp call, with no call record with telecom companies. One could go to washroom, chat for 5 mins and come back, without the spouse ever knowing. It has fueled flirtations in small towns like exponentially. And is spreading like an epidemic.

It has not taught infidelity, but has made it easy. Even those who were scared not to do are doing it now. Most vulnerable are bored housewives. They have become easy target men who give them an ear, Gain confidence and finally sleep with them. 

I don’t know what the solution is. I am just like a bloody Marxist, pointing the problem. I am not even sure, if people what the solution to this pandemic problem at all. Happy Whatsapping!

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  1. This is very true & it is really weakening families all over the world.