Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Curious case of Silence of Narendra Modi

Another “Mann ki Baat” went by this Sunday. Our communicative (respectable word for talkative) PM Modiji, maintained his silence on Sushma Swaraj, Vasundhara Raje, Pankaja Munde corruption issues. That he came to power riding on anti-incumbency against UPA, fuelled by earth shattering corruption, has made it difficult for Modi to respond. 

People are confused as to the reason he is taking no action against the culprits. A whole generation who is used to the corrupt UPA Govts, is confused more so. We have witnessed Sonia Gandhi dismissing people who were found involved in Corruption. Kalmadi, Raja, Chavan, Bansal among others. I acknowledge that it was just a hogwash as these people never were sentenced and no were not made to pay back the corrupt money.

Why is Modi not sacking his people? There are a few reasons involved. 

Strategy of Amit Shah and Team: Resignations by UPA Ministers was felt by public as the admission of guilt. At least that’s What Shah and Team felt. Hence they have ruled out any resignations. Let is play our in whatever way, don’t acknowledge it. 

Second is the cushion of 270: UPA was heavily reliant on allies. They used to come under attack by their own allies on corruption issues. To buy peace with the allies, easy way out for Sonia Gandhi was to dismiss the minister or make him/her resign. NDA has no such compulsions. Allies can’t pressure them.

Modi is no Sonia: The power that Sonia wielded, Modi can’t match that ever. Every word of Sonia was gospel, every order a commandment. She could dismiss people without rebellion. Such was the might of Gandhi surname. The loyalty to Gandhi family was deeply imbibed in the DNA of subdued members. Modi can’t do the same. He will face rebellion within the party and from RSS ranks alike. He has to live with a lot of such people, unlike Gandhi.

Shield the Gandhis: With Congress the things was, Gandhi’s needed to be shielded at all cost. That the money ultimately reached to the top was not acknowledged. Any taint was nipped in the bud, before it could reach Gandhis. Before anyone could question them, they seemed to take a step. BJP has no such compulsion. A lot of his party members have no issue with dirt reaching Modi’s step. They are happy to let him fend for himself.

So expect no action unless it is backed by RSS. BJP rank and file has more fear of RSS than Modi. RSS doesn't like muck to reach them just like Gandis. RSS disavows people just like Gandhis. But Modi has to live with compulsions just like Manmohan.

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