Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bloody Indians changing DP’s for US Supreme Court Order. Will they do the same if Zimbabwe Court passes similar order?

Now how brain dead this can get. My brethren of stupid Indians changed their DP’s to Celebrate Pride. Just because Facebook is an American company and decided to share a link, it doesn’t mean you have click on it and share it. 

US Supreme court passed a judgement making Gay marriage legal across their country. And Indians shared colorful pics. Height of lameness and shamelessness. Would you do the same if Zimbabwe Court passes such order? Let me answer on behalf of you fools. No. You just did it coz link was accessible and feeling American even for  5secs quenches your ego and makes you feel great.

Stop this nonsense. If you can’t do something better, then please don’t click on each and every link. Facebook is a US firm, it will celebrate their country. You can at least Stop being lame.

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