Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Let it go Mr. Tharoor...Let it go

First an admission, though I am not an ardent fan of Mr. Shashi Throor's upper-class-racism, But I like his career graph and that he was once in the reckoning to head United Nations. And if US wanted India's loyalty at that time, he would for sure have been rather than a South Korean.

Time for the real issue. I was reading an op-ed by Mr. Tharoor. I admit, he writes good. Bow to that! He started off by arguing why Kejriwal Govt. won't last 5 years this time too. (Given what is happening in Delhi, he might very well be true. Kejriwal will perish if he doesn't do some urgent thinking).

Mr. Tharoor attacked Kejriwal on Fake Degree Tomar, Midnight Bharti and other relevant issues. Left no stone unturned. When it came to Mr. Somnath Bharti's recent episode of Marital Issue, I couldn't stop myself from laughter what Mr. Tharoor has to say and I quote,

"I am not entering into the fresh controversy surrounding Mr Bharti, because it is unpleasant to drag domestic, especially marital, disputes into the public arena."

How times change Sir. I am sure but for your personal misfortune; you would not have spared Mr. Bharti even on this episode. Your party has attacked him already. You would have been the first one Sir. 

It's just that if you would raise hue and cry on this issue, people will laugh at you and see through the hypocrisy. So you project yourself a sage, and it is beyond your dignity to touch upon such personal issues for political use. Seriously! 

I would just say, Mr. Cattle Class Tharoor. Let it go...Just Let go.

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