Thursday, June 18, 2015

UP धायें धायें, Tajmahal wi-fi

Ok, so Tajmahal became first wifi enabled monument in the country. Yay! Time to rejoice, right? Time to rejoice for who? Minister for Information and Communications called it a historic moment during the wifi inauguration photo-op.

Successive Governments have treated Taj Mahal as a milking cow, to fill the coffers with international aid in the name of this Wonder of the world. At the same time they totally ignored the city of Agra, leave alone UP.

I belong to Agra and have seen since childhood, the tale of two Agra's. One surrounds Tajmahal. Rest is second Agra. One is clean, green, and with lots of sheen. Other is dirty, filthy, lacking sheen. One has all newly laid roads, other is ridden with potholes. One has so much greenery, temperature drops good 5-7 degrees, Other is where trees are hard to find. One is like a Prince Charming, Other is like a poor step-son.

Administration needs to keep Price Charming all dented painted, or else aid will stop. They know that. It's hard to imagine that Taj is in the state of UP. A state which has been relegated behind even Bihar. Successive Mayawati and Mulayam Govt. has crippled the state. Nepotism, Bhaiwaad, Gundagardi backed by State has been thriving in UP.

Media persons are being burnt alive. We used to see such things in movie of early 90's. Never thought we will see them in real life.

A I can say is UP धायें धायें, Tajmahal wi-fi, Neta hi-fi, Junta bye-bye!

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