Wednesday, June 10, 2015

10 interesting facts about Bukola Saraki, Nigerian Senate President

Bukola Saraki, elected to head Senate of Nigeria, is a lot in news these day. He won the post despite being backed by opposition parties. This has led to speculations that Nigerian Government will not be able to complete its term.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Bukola Saraki,

1. Dr. Saraki was a medical professional having MBBS from London and also worked at Rush Green Hospital, Essex.

2. Dr. Abubakar Susola Saraki has also been Senate President in 80's.

3. As a Governor of Kwara State, he was the first Governor to be awarded prestigious National Honor of Commander of the Order of Niger.

4. He has been a Chairman of Nigerian Governor's Forum.

5. Dr. Saraki is a reformist. Kwara is a model state. Dr. Saraki implemented Clean and Green and other such initiatives that transformed the state. 90% Kwarians get electricity as against national average of 30%.

6. Dr. Saraki has worked hard for Health care in Nigeria specially towards maternal and child mortality.

7. Dr. Saraki is credited for extensive polio immunisation drive in Nigeria.

8. He has been a two time senator of Kwara.

9. Dr. Saraki has led state wide infrastructure projects including extensive road Construction.

10. He succeeded his sister Gbemisola Saraki-Forowa, as the Senator of Republic of Nigeria representing Kwara state.

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