Thursday, June 18, 2015

Advani fears Emergency may recur: Is Modi the reason?

Not again!
In what may come as a further headache to BJP, Advaniji, during an interview with Indian Express, shared concerns that emergency may happen again in India. “I don’t see any outstanding aspect of leadership at this moment”, he added further.

This might be taken as his refection on the sordid affairs of the country today. It might be recalled, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has accused Modi of moving towards Dictatorship and Emergency with he has been doing via Left Governor.  

It needs to be mentioned that in similar situation in Delhi when Advaniji was Home Minister, he backed Sheila Dikshit, a Congress CM. “Mandate of an elected Govt., needs to be respected”, he has said then.

A lot of people see the tactics of Central Govt., a brain child of Amit Shah, who is known to play dirty
. This concern showed by Advaniji, will surely not go unnoticed in the power circles and in the populace.

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