Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sudanese President barred from leaving South Africa

Sudan’s president, Omar al-Bashir got a setback when a South African court ordered to hold him inside the country before the facts are ascertained. Against the global norms of immunity, this ruling comes as a big surprise to the international community. 

 International Criminal Court (ICC) which works out of Hague, has issued arrest warrant for Omar al-Bashir in 2008 after he was charged with genocide. However ICC is criticized to be the puppet of West, which has not acted much on war atrocities by Western countries over the years. 

Omar al-Bashir is for an African Union summit and has immunity from arrest. However such a ruling is bound to embarrass South Africa’s international diplomacy. 

Another controversial group which has been pointed out by Indian Government recently for interfering in internal affairs of the country, Amnesty International, called for President Zuma of South Africa to arrest Omar and bring justice to thousands who were killed. 

We’ll track the story as it unfolds.

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