Friday, June 12, 2015

Lesbian Ad: Publicity Stunt at Expense of the Oppressed

Okay so some apparel company has come out with a Advt. featuring two lesbian girls about to come out of the closet. Already we are seeing diverse views across the society. So called literates in India and few foreign newspapers are celebrating the bravado.

What bravado I ask?
The apparel brand has not shown any bravery here. Let me be very clear. They are not coming out the closet. They are here to sell their brand. In a bid to earn money, they are preying on the already oppressed people. 

In a country where same sex relations are illegal, such frivolous ads in a bid to make money are doing no good. The debate has to come in a good light. Not for a publicity stunt.

In my opinion this highly deplorable act has to be put to shame. On the one hand LGBT are fighting for their rights. On the other hand such money hungry leeches come out to suck even the last drop of blood. 

Some might say, what bad has this advt. done?
I will tell you. This will start frivolous PIL's. Obnoxious debates on TV channels which profit none but the channel (from ads) and Panellists (from remuneration). Now people get a latest weapon to tease same sex people.

Already society has started to accept. Not in small cities but in Mumbai/Delhi. Slowly the change will come. But such money mongers make things worse. 

Well next will be frivolous PIL's. The apparel brand will be in news for some time and that's what they wanted. LGBT society should stand up and deplore such publicity stunts at their expense. 

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