Friday, June 26, 2015

How can Congress make a comeback?

With BJP’s credibility an all-time low owing to Lalit Modi and party’s inaction on its tainted leaders, time is ripe for Congress to stage a comeback. The erosion of political capital during Corruption years of UPA-2 was much more than even Congress critics would have thought off. Corruption, couples with arrogance of “Come what may”, did them in. 

There was no one among the top brass whose heart bled for the party. Everyone was busy with their own agenda. With Gandhi son-in-law himself symbolizing nepotism, others just follow suit. Gandhi’s have lost their place in India’s heart, at least for now. No other next generation leader who has done the hard work seems to be around. Whoever is available are sons/daughters of same scam tainted generation of leaders.

Is there any respite for Congress?

Yes there is. It is the admission and apology. Sonia and Rahul and entire Congress brass must admit that there was corruption during their tenure, that too a rampant one. That they have yet not admitted, gives them no sympathies. 

Sonia and Rahul have to distance themselves from Robert and Priyanka Vadra. This would be a painful and difficult decision. But this will distance them from the taint. Currently they look complicit. 

Mother son duo has to avoid foreign travel. If at all they are travelling, it has to be kept transparent. Just when it seemed Sonia/Rahul were back rallying the opposition around then, they have fled the country again clandestinely. It only will erode reputations further.

Congress needs to bring first generation leaders to the fore. They can be from college politics, farmer politics. Not from AC rooms and lineage. But what am I talking about. It’s a utopian dream. Congress won’t admit, won’t apologize. BJP will hit at Vadra, Congress would get people like Dushyant/Vasundhara to hit on. Who would have thought Modi would become Maun-Modi! All is one.

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