Friday, June 19, 2015

Mumbai Submerged 19th June 2015: Defining Images

Gateway of India
Cometh the June Cometh the deluge. Rains and High Tide is what Mumbai dreads the most ever since the great flood of 2006. 

19th June 2015 will also go down in history as the day, Mumbai stood still!  It was a downpour and it was a deluge. Successive Govts. with all the latest technology has not been able to come with a solution to this problem. All we get is, we can't do anything against nature.
Stop Please!

Where's the track
It's the impotence of an excuse. If we would have thought the same, there would be no planes, "Humans can't fly. We can't go against nature"; there would be no phones, "How it is possible to talk to someone miles away, We can't go against nature". We would be still living on tress, eating raw food fending ourselves against other animals.

There is always a way. Govt. can fund a research, solution will come. Maybe in 5 years, maybe in 10 years. If we would have invested in research 10 years ago when 2006 happened, we would have the solution by now. 

The solution would not be straightforward or simple. It will be complex and expensive and revolutionary but we ought to do it for future generations. But in a society and nation which keeps taking debt to increase ever increasing tax burden for future generations, nothing else can be expected. 

Maybe Acche Din will some sometime. Till then I leave you with this thought!

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