Friday, June 12, 2015

Belly Button Test New Trend: Sexy or Absurd?

Belly Button Test: Newest Craze
Time for the trend this week. The belly button trend that has swept Weibo users of China. Girls are posting pictures of their belly button, trying to reach it from behind. 

Seems to be a test of zero figure. Chinese girls are uploading such pictures in hundreds and thousands. The hashtag mentioning this was tending high with more than 150 million mentions on Weibo.

According to the posts, it was a no mean task. It took hours to be able to stretch hand and compress belly to be able to achieve the task.

I Did it. Yay!
Rumours of a research surfaced which suggested belly button test to be a sign of healthy figure. This rumour without any concrete references has taken netizens by storm, with posted pics going from boast to funny to absurd. 

We all know, a non-bulging belly is a must for good health but the belly button test seems to be taking it too far. Which is evident from the below pic posted by a male who dared to take on the Girls world.

There you Go
Fail. Total Fail

Well, Do you pass the test or not?

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