Saturday, June 20, 2015

Why Sushma Swaraj helped Lalit Modi covertly?

A case has been made that Sushma Swaraj has helped Lalit Modi based on humanitarian issue. That she has raised the status of Foreign Ministry by her other helpful acts.

I do agree with the latter part. Foreign Ministry has come a long way since the days of Natwar Lal. Sushma Swaraj has indeed helped a lot to Indians staying abroad. She along with Modi (Narendra, not Lalit), has improved relations with countries across the world. 

But does helping NRI's exempt her from accountability to the electorate who chose BJP and went to voting stations; stood in lines and voted for them? No...Never! She is accountable not to NRI's or foreign countries, but to voters of India. 

As to the question Why she helped him covertly? One has to understand how she helped this thug of a man. Lalit Modi represents all that is wrong with the system. A thug with contacts to big politicians, made a lot of money by covert means. And now when law wants to catch him, he with the help of same politicians is cooling off in a foreign country. All humanitarian consideration for such thugs with money it seems!

She didn't notify anyone, No tweets or media briefs for this humanitarian acts. She personally met Lalit modi, Keith Vaz, Called UK people directly and aided Lalit Modi (who was partying in Ibiza with his family 3 days after the said operation). She didn't asked Indian High commission in UK to look into the case. She didn't put it on a file. Why you must be asking, Why? Easy, to protect herself from RTI later on. If nothing is in writing how will it be ever known? But for these leaked emails, we poor Indians would not have come to know about this humanitarian act of the Minister.

Why she tried to deprive us of knowing her helpful act. RTI...RTI...RTI is the only reason. From last one year BJP has done nothing to bring Lalit Modi to task. Still they are living in a make believe world where they think, they can wriggle out of every problem by blaming Congress. Wake up buddy, we have already thrown Congress away and brought you instead.

One year and cronyism already. I wonder what coming years behold!

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