Friday, June 19, 2015

Lalit Modi-Sushma Swaraj-Vasundhara Raje issue: Find all documents here

Ever since skeletons started tumbling out of BJP's cupboard, each new day has brought out new documents. Whistle blowers document, RTI documents, verified documents, unverified documents. 

For a lot of Indians and NRI's alike, it has come as a heartbreak, which has even silenced their Messiah (read Modi). No twitter this time round. It has been heartbreak too soon for us all who were relieved that Congress thuggery has been wiped out of the country once and for all.

Little did we know that it was a time for one set of cronies to be replaced by other set of cronies. Little did we know that it's all thugs out there, just different names and different masks. Little did we know that power indeed goes to head.

Below are the documents that have been floating around on Lalit-Sushma-Raje-BJP issue. I can't vouch for their authenticity. Then again, I can't even authenticate my own handwriting!

2013-14 Lalit Modi-Keith Vaz-Swaraj Kaushal-Sarah Rapson-Bunch of People 

a) Aug 26, 2013 Swaraj Kaushal to Lalit Modi (seeking help for getting Nephew Jyotirmay Kaushal into Sussex University Law Program) 

b) Aug 29, 2013 Lalit Modi to Keith Vaz (Forwarding above request) 

c) Keith Vaz to Sarah Rapson (UK Foreign Office lobbying for Lalit Modi, mentioning that he has talked to Sushma Swaraj and he is on board) 

d) Lalit Modi to Swaraj Kaushal-Keith Vaz-Sharad Pawar etc (Thanking all for helping him) 

e) Aug 1, 2014 Keith Vaz to Lalit Modi (Asking Lalit Modi to thank Sushma Swaraj and that they will need her again) 

18th Aug 2011 Vasundhara Raje Witness Statement to UK Authorities as a Character Witness for Lalit Modi (Asking it be kept secret from India) 

11-13th March 2010 Vasundhara Raje hosted by Lalit Modi at Four Seasons (Also hosted, Shashi Tharoor, Rajeev Shukla etc) 

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