Saturday, June 27, 2015

Bloody Hypocrites: Why just Jail for Urinating in Public, Hang Them, Burn Them, Crucify Them

More than hundred hardcore criminals have been sent to jail in Agra by Railway Police. Their deadly crime, peeing in open on railway property. Why just stop by jailing them, hang them instead. That's the problem with our system, we believe in cosmetic patch-ups.

I know a lot of Delhi media would be happy that these people have been jailed. They will show video of people urinating on streets. It's a different matter altogether that media themselves are culpable as they are violating someone's privacy and decency. In that too, media is smart, they just show men peeing and stay clear of women as the cameramen know he will be beaten black and blue.

Now to the basic question. Have you not felt that sudden pain in stomach, urge to pee. You are on the street and no utilities around to relieve yourself. What would you have done but to pee against some wall. People urinate for the lack of public toilets. And what pathetic condition the public toilets are kept, whatever are there. One would die of stink.

But highly paid media people, who live in a different world altogether with all the amenities and quid-pro-quo in the world, what would they know. What would the railway official sitting in his AC office would know that people pee on streets in pain, severe pain to relieve themselves. 

Agra is my hometown and I know very well how many (or lack of) public toilets are there. None that I have seen. Leave aside Agra, I live in Powai, Mumbai. I haven't seen none there too. Who is to be jailed now. I say, everytime someone urinates on the street, jail the MLA, MP of that area. Jail the DM, jail the Municipal Commissioner. Jail whoever is responsible for lack of public toilets. Not just the poor fellow who was forced to lose his/her decency in public due to sordid state of affairs.

Let there be a Right to Toilet law which makes a public toilet every 500 mts. And jail the authorities concerned if toilet is not there or not functioning. Stop this crude quick fix, which just gathers headlines in presstitue media and does nothing else.

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