Monday, June 8, 2015

iOS 9: First look unveiled, Apple to roll it out later this year

As expected Apple unveiled iOS 9, during World Developer Congress, San Francisco. This will rolled out to users by fall this year. 

It will be compatible with devices running on iOS 8. 

Let's check top 10 features in iOS 9.

1. Low Power Mode: This was expected since this was available in Galaxy series already. The "low power mode", saves battery consumption. Screen goes dim and only basic functions are allowed. But it ends up adding upto 3 hrs of battery life. Much awaited feature.

2. Updates to Notes App: Notes App has been updated with new features. Better formatting of lists, shortcut features are available now. We can add pics and draw doodles to take notes.

3. Siri: Siri has become more proactive now. An unknown number will be looked into emails and indications will be given as to who it might belong to. Reminders will be given based on context. While running and while in car, Siri will act differently.

4. App switcher: Switching of apps have been redesigned to look more cool.

5. Apple Pay: This has been prioritize by Apple. It is rolling out this feature in UK. Few additions have been made to Apple Pay to make it more handy.

6. Maps: Apple seems to be catching up with Google Maps slowly. Transit support has been added. Tap on station to see what all lines pass through. Train timings etc. This will be rolled out for selective cities initially.

7. New App: News app has been incorporated in iOS. Not sure why it was missed earlier. It will work like any other custom apps for News. With feeds and suggestions coming in. Apple has been working with various media organisations to make this possible.

8. New in iPad: Spilt screen view similar to Mac has been introduced for iPad. This makes switching from one app to another easier. A lot of other small features of Mac look and feel are incorporated for iPad.

9. Picture in Picture mode: Even after exiting the app, running video can keep on running in a small screen as a pop-up window.

10. Relocated Spotlight Search: Relocated to left of phone. Siri suggestions will also be seen based on the usage. Auto-population based on usage will be there in iOS 9.

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