Sunday, June 21, 2015

Why Rahane was dropped? India's Historic Low in Cricket

With India losing the ODI series 2015 to Bangladesh, it is a historic low for India's cricket. First ever ODI series loss to the tigers, never would have come in the wildest dreams of any cricket lover in India. 

Amidst all this, the upheaval, the politics, the factionism is back in Indian cricket. While there was all wrong with Srinivasan era, there was one good thing. The power that Dhoni wielded under Srini quelled any and all groupism. These are transition times, Dalmiya-Thakur era has started and the politics is back and it showing in the performance of the team.

Rahane was dropped for this do or die match without any injury. Not since the day Jesus turned water to wine, were the people this surprised. Why did it indeed happen?

We can't be gullible enough to think this was done for the benefit of the team. This directly points to factionism in the team. Raina/Jadeja have continued despite of server rough patches in between. Instead players like Rahane are being dropped. 

Dhoni has completely lost the grip on the team. That Shastri prefers Kohli is not hidden secret. With no  Srinivasan to back, it might be a sad demise of Dhoni era. It's sad due to the politics involved. But as they say What goes around, come around. 

The extra ordinary powers of Dhoni under Srini were a sign for a heavy downfall. Cricket is a great leveller, both on the field and off it.

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